Word Craze Level 924 answers

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Level 924

The title of someone who would establish a company with you:


Indicated the faults of something in a disapproving way:


Describes something that causes you to feel worried or anxious:


What kind of social event is this?


To move to a lower gear while driving:


In music, to play a score in a higher octave than the original:


This phrase means "in a group" or "with each other":


The organization created by Julian Assange that publishes classified information:


Refers to someone whose risk is so high that they are not eligible for cover:


Denies a claim and asserts the opposite:


The area inside the airport where you collect your luggage after landing:


Deeply worried about something:


This award winning actress married Adam Shulman in 2012:


Phrase used when you find someone you've been looking everywhere for:


Ways of conducting oneself towards other people:


To bring something to an end or a close:


Having or producing an emotional effect on someone:


The century that started on January 1st, 1901 and ended on December 31st, 2000:


___ ___ ______ is Homer's catchphrase before he angrily strangles Bart for provoking him:

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