Word Craze Level 776 answers

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Level 776

To turn and start moving in a different direction from the originally intended:


The rate at which vehicles are allowed to travel on a road:


The "comes around" effects of "what goes around comes around":


Sticks out:


The banner of Texas:


Sam wouldn't eat green eggs and ham "____ ___ _____", he wouldn't eat them anywhere:




A portion of one's listening organ that connects the outer and inner portions:


These make an awful sound on a chalkboard:


Part of a ship just above the hold:


Something situated near the mouth of a water stream is this:


___ ___ _____ is a boxing technique of moving up and down and side to side to avoid a punch:


Watches a sports event:


To separate into parts:


To pass a legislative act that declares one guilty of a serious crime without trial:


An oppressive and cruel government regime:


One's personal profile on a website that can be accessed with a login and password:


Sports term for a fair ball strike; can be single, double, or triple:

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